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Word-Nowyou can enjoy spectacular savings and low prices on Weathervanes, Cupolas, Copper Finials, Chimney Caps, Roof Vents, Copper Mailboxes, Fire Domes, and Garden Accessories. We have been offering the finest and most comprehensive selection of weathervanes, cupolas and other building, yard and garden ornaments since 1985. Ever since the purchase of our first weathervane and cupola in 1985, we decided to offer them to other like minded individuals as well as an expanding selection of other high quality outdoor decorations for home, garden and commercial applications.

OUR FULL LINE OF WEATHERVANE  SELECTIONS include copper full-bodied figures, copper globes,brass directionals and the steel rod. These vanes are available in antiqued, polished copper and bronze finishes.

We can even offer a totally custom weathervanes, cupolas, and copper roof vents that are designed to fit your specific hobby or interest, match your company logo, or whatever your passion is. All custom weathervanes are made of 16 gauge mild steel and can be ordered in a variety of weather resistant colors.

OUR FULL LINE OF CUPOLA SELECTIONS is perhaps the largest available online including only top quality lines constructed of long lasting materials such as solid copper, maintenance free azek vinyl, select grade cedar and pine.

Ever since the purchase of our first cupola in 1985 we decided to offer them to other like minded individuals as well as an expanding selection of other outdoor items for home, garden and commercial applications. Our copper, wood and vinyl cupolas are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

ALSO AVAILABLE HERE ARE YARD AND GARDEN ACCENTS,and carefully selected home and roof accents made of solid copper such as roof finials, chimney caps and pots, roof vents and other wonderfully unique yard and garden accents.

We have traveled to many of the Midwestern states to exhibit our products at different home and art shows. It's great to meet new people and see a variety of landscapes. Many of the clients we meet at these shows have historic homes and ask our opinion when purchasing a weathervane, cupola, or other copper home accent that is relevant to style, finish, placement, and design.

Custom Vanes
Whether it is a hobby, your profession or company logo we can create a totally unique, made in the USA, and of course affordable vane just for you!



Design-Your-Own-VaneAN EXPRESSION OF YOUR HOBBY OR SPECIAL INTEREST. We can even offer a totally custom weathervane that is designed to fit your specific hobby or interest, match your company logo, or whatever your passion is. All custom weathervanes are made of 16 gauge mild steel and can be ordered in a variety of weather resistant colors.


Design_Your-Own-CupolaWE CAN HELP WITH YOUR SPECIAL OR CUSTOM HOME PROJECT NEEDS. We also have a carefully selected line of quality cupolas that are affordable and attractive. Our cupolas are available in a wide variety of popular sizes, and styles.  From small to large, simple or ornate, made only from quality materials like solid copper, solid woods, and weather resistant vinyl. If one of the hundreds of styles and sizes just don’t seem to meet your specific needs, you can even design your own custom cupola in just minutes online using our online custom cupola order form.

Having a weathervane and/or cupola for your home really makes a statement that will help your home to appear well finished. Also, copper finials are rising to popularity as an addition to the top of a cupola or for use on turrets and roof tops. So be sure to also examine our fine selection of copper finials.

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We feel our customers care about the appointments added to make their house a home. Our customers have a choice of on-line ordering, e-mailing us with any questions, or calling to talk with us on a personal level. Calls are always answered promptly. We accept most major credit cards, money orders, and personal checks.



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You still get the same personalized telephone service and support, free installation guides, and prompt delivery.

You Want A Unique Vane?
You Can Have A Custom Vane Made Just For You!

custom-vane-animationDo you have a hobby, interest, or maybe a passion for something in your life? Is your passion cooking, your family or maybe the automobile? Maybe you are a pilot and you live to fly, maybe you are a fireman and you love fire trucks.  You could be someone that can’t seem to get enough time with the horses in the barn. Dogs, cats, animal lovers of all types, no matter who you are or what you are interested in, you might find it very exciting to have a totally unique and custom weathervane designed and delivered just for you.

Our hand designed, laser cut, custom “silhouette weathervanes are crafted out of top quality 14-gauge mild steel and are custom MADE IN THE USA. Unlike lighter weight weathervanes that can be damaged in high winds, our weathervanes are constructed with a thicker metal base that is sturdy enough to withstand even gale force winds. <more info>