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Cat Weathervanes


Cat weathervanes and wind vanes for the cat lover in us all. Cats occupy a special position in human society as well as in every cat lovers heart. They were probably among the first animal species to become domesticated, but their relationship with humans has always been at the cats discretion! Cats form strong attachments to humans just as easily it can be said that humans form strong attachments to their cats.

Cats voluntarily avail themselves to us as lap companions, uncomplaining (unless theya re hunger or want to play outside!)child-substitutes, excellent hunters, and of course faithful purring companions. And a cat weathervane or wind vane atop your favorite structure will be no less loving and sleek, always eager to please and point the direction of the wind just for you, it's caretaker and source of treats, yarn balls, and fresh litter.

Whatever role the domestic cat may hold in your life, you can honor the years of boundless companionship in a cat weathervane or cat wind vane atop your own family home. If you don't see your cat weathervane pictured here, we also offer custom cat weathervanes and we would be happy to have your cat's likeness made into a custom cat weathervane that is durable as well as weather resistant.

st.-joseph-county-logo.pngPet lover? We are too! We have partnered with our local humane society and through this partnership, we have agreed to make a monthly donation of a percentage of the retail price for any dog or cat themed weathervane purchased from the Web site. All donations being made will be paid monthly to the St. Joseph County Humane Society. We believe in the 'pet rescue' concept and have only rescued pets in our own home.  We are proud to have built a relationship with our local humane society and hope that you will consider purchasing one of our special dog or cat theme vanes so a portion of your sale will go to this worthy and heart warming cause.

All cat and dog themed weathervanes sold will directly benefit the Saint Joseph County Humane Society