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Nothing speaks louder to the good service received at The Weathervane Shop than the voice of happy customers! So, here are more than fifty (60) unsolicited testimonials and proud pictures of our customer's home, yard and garden accent projects. Pictured below are just a few of the cupola, weathervane, finial, and copper roof accents that we offer here at The Weathervane Shoppe.

We hope that you will choose us as your home accent partner and be so happy with the product and service you will invest just a few minutes to send us via email ( a picture of your project and have a few kind words to offer. We take genuine pride in offering you the very best, knowledgeable, thoughtful and courteous customer service on every order. You have a choice and we hope that you will choose us!

Mr. Falletta,
We absolutely love our new cupola! It's just perfect for our house and the light kit upgrade was indeed the finishing touch just as you suggested. We're so grateful for all your help and great service on this project.

--Robert & Lea Baker

Hi Nick!
Very sorry for the delay in sending the pictures of the beautiful, installed mailbox. We waited until the weather cooled down and installed it today, and it's perfect! Two pictures are attached. Thank you so much for all of your help with this. I genuinely appreciate it!


Hi ya Nick,
Just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks and a picture of the custom chimney pot that you manufactured for our outdoor fire pit. Though the pit is far from complete, the chimney pot is a perfect fit and we can't wait to see the finished pit. Both my wife and I want to thank you sincerely for all your help with sizing and style, we couldn't have done it without your help. BRAVO!

Billy & Mary Sue

Hello Mr. Falletta,
Just got our new Good Directions verde finished rooster wind vane mounted and we think it is perfect! We love the detail and the size, we love everything about it. Thank you so very much for all your help in selecting this ornament and for all the great service.

Bill & Mary Mayer

Hi Nick,
Want to take a minute and thank you for the great job on the two custom weathervanes that you had made for us. They look great atop our barn and are great reminders of just two of the things important to our family: the Marine Corps and Clemson University. Can't say enough good things about your service or the product.

Robert Wilhite

On this beautiful Minnesota Sunday afternoon some friends and I "crowned" my dome home.
I am grateful for Jerry's skills. He does excellent work.

Kevin Clinton

Hi Nick,
Per your request many compliments on the weather vane.

Thanks, Paul

Hi Nick, Our custom model A weathervane has been installed and it looks great. REALLY really brings back good memories of days gone by. Thank you so much for helping us get something unique and to express our love for these old cars. Hope to see you at the car show!

Happy motoring,
Bob Pierce

Our custom black "Tower" roof finial was installed this week and I had to drop you a quick note and picture. It looks great and we totally appreciate you helping us get this special item properly sized and delivered in time for my roofing team to get it installed. Many many thanks and I'll give you a call on the next commercial project that needs a finial for sure!

Very satisfied,
Tom Snow
Snow Custom Builders

Hi Nick, happy Saturday!
I'm happy to report that the copper chimney cap was successfully installed and looks great! The wife is happy...
Jerry was great to work with... You've got a good team!

Keep well,

The Copper Final is finally … finished? Many thanks to Andy, John, & Co. for stopping by and installing it today, and to Nick Falletta in Indiana at the Weathervane Shop & his crew for making sure it fits perfectly. This will attract only positive vibes and good spirits, correct?

Riley Anderson

Hello Nick,
My husband loved it. It was a surprise present for this birthday. Thank you so much!

Marlese Allen

Just had to write you a note and send you a picture of the copper finial we just had installed on our cupola, WOW! What a beautiful finishing touch. It's perfect and the size is exactly what we were thinking. Thank you ever so much for your help and service, you were a pleasure to work with and made the entire process trouble free.

All the best,
Jan & Rob Harwood

Hello Nick,
Here is a picture of the great custom weathervane that you had made for us. It is now sitting proudly atop our business and some of our regular customers have already noticed and are commenting. It's a very nice touch and we appreciate you working with us. Great service we are delighted with the finished product.

Bonnie Plants

Love the custom weathervane that you made for us. On behalf of my father, Sam Lewis, I want to thank you for the custom guinea fowl weather vane for our restaurant. It just looks great and adds a very nice theme touch to our brand. We just love it!

Celia McGhee, Owner

I know I promised you a better picture of the finial installed on top of the new Patriot Bank building, here it is. It look great and was the perfect size. Thank you for the sizing tips and the great customer service. Look forward to more business with you on some of our future commercial property projects!

Catherine Singer
IBT Enterprises LLC

Hi Nick;
I purchased a weathervane from you in late October last year. I'm super happy with it. Great product, great service, great shipping.

I wanted to write a testimonial but couldn't find how to do that on your web site. Also, I modified it slightly and I wanted to share the photos with other potential customers. I ordered the Great Pyrenees weather vane, but, while very pretty, isn't the right color and gets lost against the background because I placed it lower down than my 2nd story so that we could see it. It is a memorial to our recently deceased Great Pyrenees dog. I purchased 3M adhesive reflective paper which I then applied to your weather vane. It came out beautiful. It is white now, like my Great Pyrenees, and it reflects even the slightest bit of light at night. We see our beloved dog all the time now, and she still watches over us.

I've attached a couple of photos in case you want to post a testimonial from this yourself. We are super happy with the product and service.

Thanks again

Hi Nick,
I have received vane now. Many thanks and happy new year.

Hi Nick
The redwood cupola and feathered goose weather vane were successfully installed on our new she shed yesterday. They really dress it up! We absolutely love them!
Thank you!

Bob & Cheryl Pettis
Campobello, SC

Hi Nick!
Had the beautiful American Bald Eagle copper weathervane installed on the cupola this week and both my wife and I just had to write you and say just how wonderfully pleased we are with our purchase. Thank you so much for all your help and advice in the proper sizing of the ornament and as you can see from the enclosed picture, it's just perfect! We totally love the look and we are looking forward to telling our friends that ask, the story.
Thanks again so very much,

Bill & Jean Kiker

Hi Nick,
Please see the link below for some images of the custom weathervane we purchased from you for the Ingleside Farms Amenity Building in Iron Station, NC. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing the file.

Vicki Hollis

Mr. Falletta,
Here is a picture of our new cupola installed on our home in Sarasota Florida. Really appreciate your advice on how to select the best size for our roof line. It seems to have turned out perfectly and we love the charm that it has added to the roof. You're the we are thinking roof finials, we'll be getting back to you with our next order!
All the best,
Robert & Marie

Hello Nick!,
I wanted to send these pictures of the cupola. It looks great on our log cabin chapel and I love the angel weathervane too. Thank you for all your help.
Many thanks!
John & Jill Davis

We now have it installed still working on ground going to sod around. This is the best I can do now dock and shoe station out of water I could do more in spring. Looks great though, thank you for all your help.
Thank you,

Here are those pictures I promised ages ago. We did get some 'aftermarket' blue glass spacer balls. We love the look, thank you once again for all your help.
Thank you,
Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Hello Nick,
I got the Huey kit today and was able to put it right up. Very easy and straight forward. The mount was perfect!!! Thanks for everything, I'm sure you'll get some orders from some of my friends!!!!
Peter Wendt

Mr. Falletta,
Sending you a few pictures of the custom 10 foot copper double ball turret mounted on top of the cupola of breeding farm Xalapa. It's the crowning touch that we were looking for and we greatly appreciate you working so closely and quickly with us during its design and construction all the way up to delivery. It really really stands out and we love it!
The Simms Family
Paris, Kentucky

Mr. Falletta,
Just a note of thanks for helping us with the perfect selection of the beautiful blue heron copper weathervane for our house on the sound. As you can see from the enclosed picture it is just amazingly beautiful and the crowing touch for our roof line. We will be sure to refer you anyone that happens to ask about it directly to you. You were just the greatest!
Chris Nysenn
Greater Seattle Area

Got the ME109 mounted on the cupola with no problems, everything that was needed was included in the box. It looks great, much nicer than I actually expected, totally unique. Thank you very much for making this special project possible.

Here are some photos of our fantastic new weathervanes.
Thanks again for your help and service.
Mary Langenbrunner

Here are some photos of our fantastic new weathervanes.
Thanks again for your help and service.
Mary Langenbrunner

Here is a picture of the custom 6 foot tall double ball turret finial that you had made for our commercial project. It's a bit difficult to see how impressive this piece is in the picture because there is nothing to use for scale but it is about 2" taller than I am! It's very impressive and adds that perfect finishing touch. Thank you for making the process so easy and for delivering such a quality product in a reasonable time frame. Our customer is very very please with the end result.
Professional regards,
Jack Monroe

My friend Nick,
The custom UH-1 Bell "Huey" copter vane is just great! It's actually nicer than expected and every time I see it's siloute against the sky over our garden, it really really brings back memories. I wanted you to see it mounted and to thank you for carrying this product. I'm sure all my 'buddies' are going to want one too, I'll be sure to send them your way!
Best wishes,
Bill & Jerri Tan

Hello Nick,
Just got the 3D Eagle weathervane installed on our hip style roof. I promised you I would send you some pics when I got the eagle weathervane installed, I LOVE IT!
Beverly and Thomas Sweet
Lilburn, GA

Got my Huey weathervane and deck mount this week and installed it right on my patio table so I could see it when I am relaxing out side. I plan on ordering several others for my kids as well as some friends from those days. What a special gift to myself. Thank you very much, look forward to maybe seeing you at other Huey 369 events!


Hello Mr. Falletta(Nick),
Dropping you a quick note of thanks and a picture of the 3D hanging mermaid that we purchased from you in August of 2020. Installation was a breeze with the wall hanging mounting bracket and we just love it. What a unique and attractive finishing touch for our home. Thank you for all your help.
Mark Morris
Fairhavel, MA

As promised I am sending you a picture of the octagon cupola with the Verde sailboat installed. Sitting proudly like a crown on our home, we just love how it changes the character and improves the overall curb appeal of our home. Your personal service was much appreciated and we would be happy to refer you to our good friends and homeowners. Thank you once again for all your help.
Bill Daniels

Hi Nick,
Here are the pictures of the wonderful cupola and weathervane that we purchased recently buring your Summer Splash sale. We just love the way the cupola brings together the roof line and we can't help but make note of what direction the wind is blowing every time we see it. Never thought that the current direction of the wind would be so interesting to know!
The Fredricks

Hello Nick,
Just got our Dalvento Koyto finial installed and it looks fantastic. The view from the window with it now is in a word "amazing" and the accent and finishing touch that it ads is hard to put into words. So I had to snap a picture and send it along to you. Thanks for the great service and all your help in getting it properly sized and installed. You made it all a breeze...a bit of a beach pun!
Marchello Mchacchia

Hi Nick,
I wanted to circle back to you and say thanks for your help with selecting the weathervane. It arrived in mid July and now flies proudly on our cupola. It was a gift to my wife for her 60th birthday. She loved it. Here is a picture.
Thanks Again,

Hello Nick,
I installed the weathervane this weekend. It looks spectacular, thank you so much again! Extremely happy with it!
Rob Solano

These weathervanes are absolutely beautiful! My husband has the Army emblem weathervane and they are made with such craftsmanship which is so seldom found these days. The fact that you are also a veteran almost made these gifts all the more special. Highly recommend any of his items.
Jerry ann Gigi Golden-Mullinax

Hi Nick:
My shed was installed today. Here are two pictures of Snoopy. I absolutely love the weathervane. Even the builders were taking photo’s . They had never seen a snoopy weathervane before. Have a great weekend
Michelle Allen
Toronto, ON

Thought you might like to see a picture of the cupola installed on top of out home. It looks wonderful and the size is perfect. It really really added a super nice finishing touch and adds a very nice classy touch. Thanks for the great service and all of your help.
Jon Fleming

Thanks so much for reaching out by phone, we are very impressed by your personalized customer service. So we will wait for the original mermaid vane we ordered, it is definitely sharper than the other. When the bracket arrives I can install it and sink that post. I hope that you and your family stay safe and healthy in these crazy times. I will certainly recommend your company to anyone. Have a wonderful Memorial Day and weekend,
Bob Dolan New York

Mr. Falletta
Hello and as promised, here is a picture of our 'Red Bantam Rooster' weathervane on top of our cupola. We are absolutely thrilled over how it looks and when combined with the blue accent roof line, it just looks awesome. What a classy touch it has added to the roofline. Thank you so very much for the great personal service and for getting our vane out to us so quickly. Your service was in a word 'extraordinary'
The Pritchett Family

Hello Nick
My wife and I just want to reach out to you with a few good words and a pic of the copper roof finial project that you helped us with in early 2020. As you can see, we have the trio of copper finials in place along with the other custom copper accents purchased. In a word to describe the impact these unique copper accessories we simply would have to say ..."WOW!" What a classy finishing touch that so perfectly compliments our beautiful home. We also want to thank you for all the good advice you gave us helping to properly size the finials, they are in perfect scale to the home. Great job, wonderful customer service. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone that asks where they come from.
Bill and Jeri Smithers
Carmel, IN

We don’t have the lantern in yet but hopefully tomorrow. But here are some photos of the cupola! I will definitely send you more photos once the house is done – a before and after would be so cool!
Thank you again!
Lauraine Bifulco

Hi Nick
Just wanted to let you know that the weathervane arrived today and it was a great as I remember seeing in the photos. I'll be ordering another one for a different purpose in the next few days, but I want to thank you again for handling this issue and taking care of it.
Talk with you soon. Best wishes.
Charles B. Brown

testimonial-laura.png Nick
We are so very pleased with the custom "Laura" weathervane that you helped us to bring to life that I just had to write you and send you a picture of it installed on our building. Installation was really easy and we love the look. Everyone that sees it has to ask where we got it and of course we are quick to give them your contact information. Truely unique, I just love it.
It's the best,

Custom Wizard Weathervane Hello Nick
Wanted to share with you and others a picture of our custom wizard weathervane. We are so so happy with the finished vane and we had a blast installing it ourselves. It's just perfect and what a great little conversation piece it has turned out to be! Thank you so much for making the custom weathervane design process so easy and for making this vision that we had come to life.
Best wishes,

Hi Nick, Sorry it took so long but we finally got the Smithsonian Eagle weathervane installed on the garage today...and it is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for all your help and the outstanding customer service.

cupola-installed.jpg I don’t know if we ever sent you pictures of our house with your cupola and weathervane. We just moved in a month and a half ago, we think it is just perfect! Cheryl Baber / Owner Tulsa, Oklahoma.

testiminial-animation-anner.gif Hello Nick and Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all your help in getting our new weathervane mounted into our new cupola for the top of our garden shed.  As promised, we are sending you pictures of the project.  The cupola and weathervane added that finishing touch we were looking for and we do appreciate all your guidance in sizing them both. We will be happy to recommend the Weathervane Shoppe to all our like minded friends for sure. All the very best, Cathy Anner

testiminial-mattera-animation.gif Hi Nick, Attached are the pictures of the cupola with the C7 corvette weathervane. Also, the adapter you recommended did fit correctly. I was trying to install it from inside the cupola but after I spoke with you I got it in and it fit just right.  Thanks for all your help. Jerry Mattera 

testimonial-hemker-animation.gif It has been a while since we talked. Last week the roofers finally finished the barn roof that has the cupola and weather vane. I promised some pictures of the finished install. These were taken today. The cupola and weather vane look great!! Thanks for a great product and the great service. Greg Hemker

testimonial-radke-2.png We had the cupola and weathervane installed today. It looks beautiful and the rooster is the perfect size.  Thanks again for your advice.  Thank you, Bette Radke 

testimonial-mike-pheifer.png Dear Nick, The custom weathervane is now installed and working wonderfully.  Looks great. Thanks again for your help and great service! Mike Pheifer

testimonial-lee-flight.jpg Dear Nick, I am contacting you on behalf of the Concord-Nanae Network which is the group in Concord, Massachusetts that supports the 20+ year sister relationship with Nanae, Japan. In November a group from Concord traveled to Japan to participate in the anniversary celebration of the founding of Nanae. We had been trying to find a special gift to mark the occasion and the committee thought that the custom weathervane mounted outside the town hall in Nanae will be an enduring reminder of our special relationship. We greatly appreciate all your assistance in the design and construction of this wonderful and lasting gift from our city to theirs. The presentation and dedication ceremony was very well received and I have attached a few pictures for your enjoyment. Lee Flight

testimonial-josh-alexander.jpg Nick- Here is a picture with the cupola installed. Thanks they turned out great!  Josh Alexander State Farm Agent Providing Insurance and Financial Services 219/362-3860 Phone

testimonial-shae-murray.jpg Hi Nick, As promised I am sending you pictures of our beautiful weathervane newly installed on our roof. Thank you so much again for the fabulous customer service! Sincerely, Shae Murray

testimonial-reed-family.png Hello Nick, We’re very pleased. I think the Royal Crown "Ellsworth" cupola is the perfect size and the Good Directions Flag Banner weathervane is the perfect crowing touch. Installation was very straight forward and your online cupola installation video tutorial made it all that much easier. Thank you so much for your help with sizing and personal touch customer service. The Reed Family

RE: Weathervane Shoppe Shipping Confirmation Hello Nick, Thank you!! I appreciate the great customer service that goes along with a beautiful weathervane. The Good Directions Rooster is a high quality product!! Beth 

testimonial-ford.png Hello Nick, Want to drop you a note of thanks for helping our client get the two very large custom cupolas made for their special projects. I know that we had a number of special requests and design changes along the way but you stayed with us and worked out all the details to get us the exact cupola that we needed to deliver. We greatly appreciate your efforts and flexibility and the finished product is just perfect. The quality is top of the line, the finished detail is very nicely done and the proportions are exactly as designed. Overall it was a difficult job and in the end...with your help, we got everything just right. Our great appreciation and thanks to you. Mark P. Ford Ford & Associates Architects, Inc.

testimonial-susan-dispenziere.png Dear Nick, I wanted to reach out & show you the finished product of the finials & cupola we purchased from your web site. We absolutely love them & wanted to share this with you. Thanks again, Susan Dispenziere

testimonial-sue-leite.png My moon and star arrived today. It's beautiful and I can't wait to get it hung. I wanted the mermaid really bad but my girlfriend down the street bought that and I didn't want to be a copycat. Thanks so much, Sue Leite

testimonial-tony-dunn-2.png Hey Nick, Just thought I would send a few pics of the cupola I built for my niece using one of your weathervanes. A great product for a very reasonable price. Thanks again, Tony Dunn

testimonial-dennis-cronin-2.png Mr Falletta, Just a quick note to thank you for all the personalized service recently on our weatehrvane order. The vane arrived just as you said that it would and we had our contractor install it over the weekend. It just looks great and adds the perfect finishing touch to our home improvement project. We just wanted you to know how pleased we are with not only the professional and friendly service, but also with the quality and final presentation of the weathervane product itself. Sincerely, Dennis Cronin

testimonial-malin-family.png Hello Nick, promised, here is a picture of the Good Direction Bi-plane weathervane after mounting on the roof of our garage. We think it is perfect and it's like the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. We were so pleased with the absolute attention to detail and the overall quality of this vane, we're proud to have it atop our roofline, pointing the direction of the wind. Almost anyone that comes to visit notices it and wants to know more. Thanks just one more time for the great service and good advice on the mounting options. Delivery was also right on time and Good Directions does a great job packing the vane for a safe journey to our door. Warm wishes, The Malin Family Asheboro, NC

testimonial-grant-family.png Hello Nick, Here is a picture of the new EZ-vane lighthouse weathervane and Windsor cupola that we purchased from you earlier this year. You were right that installation was actually very simple and only a few common hand tools would be needed. We took our time and as you suggested, measured twice! The entire process was completed in just one afternoon and we even had time to celebrate completing the project before supper. So, thank you for all your advice and for your special handling on our order. What a great experience this has been for us, we enjoy coming up the driveway and just looking at our new cupola and seeing what direction the wind is blowing. Kind regards, The Grant Family Bridgeport, CT

testimonial-glenn-and-jim.png Nick, Here are pictures of the Good Directions Smithsonian Arrow 954P weathervane and Manchester cupola on our new roof that I told you we would send. We really like it and it was a pleasure doing business with you. Take care, Jim and Glenn Bloomington, Indiana

testimonial-jake.png Hi Mr. Falletta, The weathervane has been successfully installed! And it looks amazing and it adds the perfect finished look to the top of the gazebo. Please see the picture included. Tomorrow is another scheduled work day and that will be to stain the roof of the cupola and to paint the cupola. The weather here has been cold and we have been getting a lot of rain. And although we need the rain, I've had to reschedule a lot of my work days because of it. I also cannot work on my project without my dad, since anyone under the age of 18, like me, is not allowed to use power tools (even if they are battery operated) and that has been delaying the progress of my project because most weeks my dad works 7 days in a row, and my project requires the use of a lot of different kinds of power tools. But my project is moving along, just a lot slower than I had planned on. I would like to thank you, again, for your support and generosity in donating the weathervane to my Eagle Scout Service Project! I will be sure to send you more pictures, once the entire project is complete. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Yours in Scouting, Scout "Jake" Troop 386 New York

testimonial-jerry-and-june.png Dear Nick! Just a quick note of thanks for all the help with the purchase of our Upper Deck Hummingbird weathervane. It just looks great atop our cupola and we are so pleased to see it as we come and go from the house. It's a really nice touch, the installation was just as easy as you explained and we are very happy. Even the neighbors have made a few nice comments and said that maybe they should give you a call too after they get a chance to look through your online selection, which is quite large. Thanks again, here is a picture of the vane after installation. Jerry & June

testimonial-drew.png Dear Nick: Love our custom weathervane! As promised, here are the pictures of the custom weathervane that you had manufactured just for us. The design process went smoothly, delivery was just as you quoted and it looks just grand on top of our custom 'barn'. Thanks so much for your help and advice on this unique project. Drew

testimonial-belida.png Hey Nick! Great customer service and thanks much! My neighbor loves the weathervane and I think that she may be ordering one too. I have attached some photos of my setup, the copper sailboat vane looks great on our deck railing. Ron Belida

testimonial-diana-and-greg-2.png Dear Nick & Linda, We received the fairy weather vane yesterday & were pleasantly surprised at how grand it is. Thank you! It's an amazing piece! Diana & Greg

testimonial-gay-ann-2.png Dear Nick: You asked me to send a picture of our completed project. I have also posted to Facebook, how satisfied I am with your delivery and promised product. It seems rare in this day and age to receive what you hoped for and have that surpassed. I am happy to recommend you to my friends and people I don't know. Thank You Again for your prompt service and excellent product. Gay Ann

testimonial-horse-barn.png Hello Nick, I thought you might like to see a picture of the beautiful self-installed weathervane and cupola that we purchased from you earlier this year. We appreciate your guidance on how to complete the installation and want you to know it was just as easy as you said it would be. We think that the size and style are just perfect for our horse barn and we wanted to thank you for all your help and expertise, you were such a big help. Everything arrived right on time and complete with everything to mount the vane into the cupola. We are really proud of the look and that we did this all by ourselves! Kind Regards, (Name Withheld by Request)

testimonial-aaron-shreve.png Hi. Nick! Here's he picture of the Royal Crowne Greenfield cupola and Good Directions Smithsonian 954P Arrow weathervane topping the roofline of one of our Esquire custom home. We think that it's the perfect final touch and adds not only value but also a lot of charm and class. It's just the type of accouterments we are proud to put on a client's custom home. Thanks for all your help and the great customer service. Sincerely, Aaron Shreve Mattern & Fitzgerald Fine Homes

testimonial-houseonstahl.jpg Hi. Nick, Here's he picture of the shroud installed, just like I promised. I have another question for you. The finials that you sent me, do they need to be lightning protected, wired and all per manufacturer's recommendation? I greatly appreciate all your help and advice with this project. Sincerely, Nazar Kalivoshko

Thank you so very much Nick. The item arrived to my brother as promised. He likes it very much. I appreciate your service. The previous vendor I dealt with for the same item was just horrible and I even had to reverse the VISA payment to them. What a difference your helpful nature and good customer service made in this transaction. Sincerely, Catherine Trombly Latham

testimonial-rick-bell.jpg Nick, Here are photos of the cupola and weathervane you provided me. Thanks again for all your assistance. I've gotten great compliments. Best regards, Rick Bell Turnberry Homes

mavalpa-testimonial-2.png mavalpa-testimonial-1.png Dear Nick: These are the Smithsonian weathervanes we purchased from your online store and placed atop gazeboos we build here in many places in Mexico. Best regards and happy holidays! Roberto Valdes, Director EMail: Cell: 222-2650844

guinevere.png Hi Nick!, Love this! Hopefully, we will get finials for my dormers in the future! A very happy customer! Holly Frieden Columbia, MO

testimonial-evie-make-a-wish.png Dear Mr. Falletta, Thank you for your generous donation of two custom made weather vanes to Evie's playhouse. Her wish would not have been as special without the support of The Weathervane Shoppe and we sincerely appreciate your time and hard work. Thank you for helping us make her wish come true! Love, The Make-A-Wish Team

testimonial-aimee-jurewicz.jpg Hi Nick!, Thought you might want to see the weathervane's home. It looks great! Thanks for the great service Nick...everyone loves it. Aimee Jurewicz

Hello Nick, We received both pieces this week, although we have not unpacked the coupola yet, it appears to be in good condition--both are beautiful pieces and represent a good value. Thanks for you your effort on our behalf. Sincerely, Ken Hodina / Owner

Got it 2 days ago !! The eagle is great !! Super service !! Count me among your VERY satisfied customers. Thanks, David and Susan / Owners

weathervane-1b.jpg I thought you might like to see pictures of the weathervane once it finally was installed on our new house in Arroyo Grande, California. I want to thank you again for the great costumer service we received. If you will recall we had two weathervanes damaged in transit with the third one finally making it undamaged. You were very helpful and quick to replace the damaged units. Thank you again Larry Thomas / Owner

Folks, About 3 years ago (I think) we bought a cupola and hummingbird weathervane from you with a specific use in mind. For various reasons, we just got around to completing our project this last spring. We had a 4x6 post with a rather large transformer and an outdoor outlet for some of the low voltage light runs coming out of the middle of a planted area in the front of our house. It stood about 2 feet high, and, though necessary, wasn't exactly a pleasing part of the landscape. We wanted something to hide it, but whatever we did had to be ventilated (the transformer puts out a bit of heat), and we also needed some vertical development in the planted area to catch the eye. as the slope from the street to the house is considerable and the plants don't show from the street. The attached pictures show how we designed the fix around your cupola. Four feet of lattice plus the height of the cupola and the weathervane, gave us exactly what we needed to look good from the house as well as the street. The transformer and outlet are hidden and more protected, we still have access to the outlet box if we need it (the front panel opens), and we've got something to draw attention to the area - and we couldn't have done it without your cupola and weathervane. We've had quite a few compliments on it, and decided to send a few pics and let you know that your products work just as well and look just as good when they're a lot closer to the ground then on a roof. And thanks for a quality product - everything was very well made,square ( ! ), fit together easily, and looks great. Don & Kathie Boudreau / Owners Wildwood, MO

Hi Nick, Hopefully I rememebered your email address correctly. If you ever want to rent our "villa", especially with freinds, its 20% through me. Best Wishes Harriet / Owner

Nick, Black Wheathervane arrived safely. Installed easly. It's wonderful. Many thanks! Best Regards, Bora / Owner

I purchased a cupola last month from your store and everything was first rate, from your website to the personal over the phone service when inquiring about and purchasing a cupola (getting a real person who's knowledgeable on the first try without going through a phone tree is a welcome change) to shipping and receiving the cupola in pristine condition. It's now on the roof and looks great! Thanks again, Ron / Owner

testimonial-kent-ricken.png Hi, Received the vane yesterday. Looks great! Thanks again for making it such a smooth transaction. Best Regards, Kent Ricken / Controller

testimonial-heartsease.jpg Hi Nick, Thought you might like to see the weathervane on the shed house we had built; I love it - thanks so much again! Best Regards, Linda Coleman / Owner

testimonial-holmes.jpg Hi Nick, Attached is the photo from the Holmes house of the copper roof vent we purchased from your shop, the picture was taken a week ago. It looks great and the owner is very happy with the look. Fred DeWitt / Contractor D D C I Helping businesses and individuals resolve their design, development and contracting issues in Northeast Florida.

Just wanted to say "Thank-you," I received my order for the eagle weathervane time promised. It arrived for Christmas. My husband likes it. Your customer service was outstanding. I was very surprised when I received a phone call back when I didn't leave a message. Thank-you and hope you have a prosperous new year. Keep up the good customer service. A happy customer, Donna Gulas / Owner

eagle-on-roof.jpg Hi, Just thought you might like to see the eagle installed. We love it. Susan / Owner

testimonial-jeep.jpg Hi, Just thought you might like to see the custom made 1941 Willies Jeep weathervane installed. We love it. Name Withheld for Privacy Eastlake, Ohio

testimonial-bob-bailey.jpg Hey Nick, Here is a photo of both the cupola and the copper eagle weathervane on it that we purchased from you at Thanks for the great customer service, and prompt delivery. We love it! Bob Bailey Fayetteville, NC

testimonial-brian-black.jpg Nick!, A photo of both the new copper chimney caps that we purchased from you at Thanks to you, this project is going to finish out in grand style Brian Black Happy Contractor Eastlake, Ohio