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Witch Weathervanes

witch-weathervane-small.jpgExpress your passion for the witch, the super natural or flying on a broom with one of our witch theme weathervanes atop your home, lake and beach house, or maybe even your boat house and dock.

We have a nice selection of witch theme weathervanes available in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles to capture your love for the witch or witchcraft. 

A witch weathervane can easily be added to almost any structure and will always be a trusted tool that points the way to where the wind is blowing in from making broom flying less of a chore!

  • Witch Garden Weathervane

    Witch Garden Weathervane

    This good witch sails through the sky on her broomstick, ready to adorn your garden, deck or yard. For over 35 years Good Directions pure copper weathervanes have been unsurpassed in style, quality, and durability – perfect for the house-proud...

    MSRP: $268.00
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  • Witch Weathervane With Mount

    Witch Weathervane With Mount

    Trick or treat! Gear up for Halloween with this witch weathervane. Made in the USA. Ornament size: 21in. x 8.25in.EACH EZ VANE STEEL WEATHERVANE INCLUDES YOUR CHOICE OF MOUNT 4 Sided Mount: The four sided mount is made for mounting to a 4 or 8...

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