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Copper Finials by CopperSmyth

coppersmyth-logo-small-with-shadow.pngArchitectural Copper Finials by CopperSmyth - Handcrafted with Passion

We offer an extensive variety of handcrafted copper roof accents including copper roof finials, copper roof turrets and copper roof spires manufactured with pride in the USA. No matter what you call them, they are copper roof accessories of the highest quality and each is hand crafted in solid copper.

Where Function Meets Beauty

We understand that architectural copper roof finial detailing should satisfy the need for beauty, while enduring whatever tests the elements may bring. So our selection of styles is perfectly handcrafted to combine performance, resilience, and perfect aesthetics. When it comes to the choice between function and beauty, we don't believe you should have to choose at all.

  • Davidson Copper Roof Finial

    Davidson Copper Roof Finial

    The Davidson copper roof finial was inspired by a customer from Davidson, North Carolina which adorns a beautiful home. A great addition when the roof pitch exceeds a 12:12 roof pitch as it helps carry the steep slope in style to it's point. The...

  • Georgian Copper Roof Finial

    Georgian Copper Roof Finial

    Inspired by the classical grace of the Georgian era, the Georgian copper roof finial spire stands tall as one of our most popular heritage designs. The simple symmetry of form captures the classical concept that 'less is more'- a view that has echoed...

  • Orleans Copper Roof Finial

    Orleans Copper Roof Finial

    Slender and intensely elegant, there is something regal in the ornate styling of the Orleans copper roof finial spire. The ball and octagonal spike design effortlessly brings to mind the French Provincial and Victorian styles and serves as the crowning...

  • The "52" Copper Roof Finial

    The "52" Copper Roof Finial

    Elegantly geometric and ornate, yet never fussy, the '52' spire. The ball and slender spike design points proudly skyward adding the prefect flourish to the roof line of Colonial or Craftsmen style buildings. Description 16 ounce copper with...

  • Tudor Copper Roof Finial

    Tudor Copper Roof Finial

    Our Tudor copper roof finial spire echoes the style of an era when the Gothic tradition was elegantly blended with the classical tastes of the renaissance. The buildings of the time commonly featured dramatic gable ends topped by elegant finials...

  • Victorian Copper Roof Finial

    Victorian Copper Roof Finial

    Our Victorian style copper roof finial spire is designed to evoke the diverse and eclectic look of the nineteenth century, when multiple styles were combined to create something unique. The design is more complex then many, fusing several shapes and...