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Flying Pig Weathervane


flying-pig-weathervane.pngThese whimsical flying pig weathervanes (and sometimes called just 'wind vanes') are available in a variety of materials, sizes and finishes.  The flying pig is sure to bring a smile to the face of any guest or visitor. Whether you choose a flying pig weathervane (or wind vane) in copper, steel or aluminum, your sure to put a smile on your face or someone elses as it the vane whimsically points the way of the winds!

If you don't see your favorite flying pig weathervane pictured here, we also offer custom pig weathervanes and we would be happy to have your pig's likeness made into a custom pig weathervane that is durable as well as weather resistant. For more information on custom weathervanes, just <click here>.

  • Flying Pig Weathervane

    Flying Pig Weathervane

    This is a real working weathervane, hand crafted in the US using 16 gauge US steel and then finished with a UV resistant and weather resistant baked on powder coat. All of our SWEN Products weathervanes are made with pride and attention to details by a...

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  • Flying Pig Weathervane With Mount

    Flying Pig Weathervane With Mount

    You don't have to wait for pigs to fly to enjoy this weathervane. Made in the USA.ÿ Ornament size: 21in. x 8in.EACH EZ VANE STEEL WEATHERVANE INCLUDES YOUR CHOICE OF MOUNT 4 Sided Mount: The four sided mount is made for mounting to a 4 or 8...

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    Flying Pig with Arrow Weathervane

    Flying Pig with Arrow Weathervane

    A flying pig is a happy pig. This one can't wait to spread his wings and adorn the rooftop of your home, garage, cupola, barn or gazebo. For over 35 years Good Directions pure copper weathervanes have been unsurpassed in style, quality, and durability...

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    Weathervane - Flying Pig - Copper With Mount

    Weathervane - Flying Pig - Copper With Mount

    A happy pig is a flying pig. This one likes the feel of the wind in his face over the rooftop of your garage, gazebo, or shed. Our Good Directions' artisans use Old World techniques to handcraft this fully functional, garden weathervane that's...

    MSRP: $175.00
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    Now: $157.00
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  • Weathervane: 32in. Pig With Mount

    Weathervane: 32in. Pig With Mount

    Approximate Height 32" Arrow length 23", Pig 5 1/4" H x 10" L. Available in satin black with the Pig in either Satin Black, Gold Bronze, Swedish Iron or natural Color. Please select desired Pig finish. Comes standard with a clutch base, 3" flat base or...

    MSRP: $95.00
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