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Cow Weathervanes

cow-weathervane.pngCow, bull and calf weathervanes and wind vanes. "Mooo"ve over for your choice of cow, bull and calf weathervanes made of copper, steel and cast aluminum.  All the cow weathervanes and wind vanes we offer are great quality, many are made in the USA and are very nice looking. You might choose these designs because your home or cabin amy be facing grazing land and you love to watch the cattle roam.

The top of the weathervane pivots to indicate the direction of the wind. The cow weathervanes that include wind cups or directionals will spin (cups) or point the direction of the wind with the slightest breeze. 

Cow weathervanes and wind vanes can be mounted on almost any type of surface.  You can choose the type of mount you want. We offer various type of mounts ... Garden ... Flat Surface ... Roof Mount .... and Side Surface mounts.

If you don't see your favorite cow weathervane pictured here, we also offer custom cow weathervanes and we would be happy to have your cow's likeness made into a custom cow weathervane that is durable as well as weather resistant. For more information on custom weathervanes, just <click here>.