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Shed Series

The attractive and affordable Shed Series Cupolas are designed specifically for your back yard shed, garage, or outbuilding. They come with a flared base and are constructed of AZEK® Trim (a maintenance free cellular pvc-vinyl), or Western red cedar. Shed Series Cupolas are available in the following sizes: 16", 21", 25", 30".  A weathervane mount is optional.

The available colors are: red, green, blue, black, brown, coppertone, copper. To see the color samples, just click the color wheel below.


Royal Vision, the exclusive Interactive Online Cupola Sizing Tool: Choosing the best size cupola for your project is of course very important. There are a number of guidelines and rules of thumb that will guide you in size selection.  Many of our clients prefer to actually see the cupola on a structure before making the final decision on size.  So if you like to see it first, you can try the exclusive Royal Crowne "Royal Vision" interactive online cupola sizing tool. Just click the graphic on the right to open the interactive window.  You may need to give the tool only a few seconds to finish loading.

shed-series-cedar-cupolas.png shed-series-azek-cupolas.png


rc-color-wheel.png For the metal top shed series of cupolas from Royal Crowne, you can select from six (6) wonderful colors. The colors are applied using industrial quality finishes that will withstand the elements and maintain their superior look and appearance for the life of the cupola. The colors available include copper penny, red, green, blue, black and brown.  Just click on the color wheel to the left to see a sample color sheet.  Please note that your monitor may cause the colors to look slightly different than they actually are but the color chart is intended to be representative of the actual colors available.
icon-ruler.png IMPORTANT ROOF PITCH NOTE:The Shed line of cupolas will accommodate a roof pitch of up to 7/12. If your pitch is greater than 7/12, just add 1 base extension for a roof pitch up to 12/12 and then each additional base extension adds 2 roof pitches. For example: A pitch greater than 7/12 and equal to or less than 12/12 will require 1 base extension.