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Shipping & Returns


Availability For Shipment

Most of our items are shipped directly to you from the manufacturer's in-stock inventory. However there is no guarantee the item you ordered will be in-stock on the day that you place your order and in that case, your item will ship from the manufactures warehouse as soon as inventory is replenished. As a rule, out-of-stock items only remain in that status 7 to 14 days however, since some items must also pass through US customs there can be some delay prior to the items actually being received from the port of entry by the manufacturer/distributor. We will make every reasonable effort to inform you of any shipment delay exceeding 14 days and if we discover your selected item is on back-order will will contact you within 48 hours of your order being placed to give you the option of canceling your order. 

Returns and Exchanges

No return will be accepted after 60 days 

Damaged Merchandise upon arrival

All our shipments are insured so it is important if it arrives damaged you contact us and UPS immediately. We and UPS require all the original packaging to process a claim. Be assured we will reship new products as soon as the damaged ones are returned. 

Product is not what I expected

We will credit the cost of the purchase minus the shipping charges within the first 30 days after shipping. All extra large or signature series vanes are subject to a 20% restock fee. After 30 days there will be a 20% restocking fee. All shipping costs will be billed to the purchaser. 

All returns must be authorized

All returns must be authorized: Call Nick at 1-574-344-9393 for authorization. Any items returned without Authorization AND an RMA # will be assessed a 35% restocking fee. 

Return policy exceptions

All items shipped motor freight are non returnable under any circumstances. Cupolas with base size of 28" or greater are non returnable. All custom cupolas of any size are non returnable. 

Motor Freight & Liftgate Fees

Motor Freight Fees: Motor freight charges are an approximation only. The estimated cost will be billed at time that we have discussed the freight quotes received for your shipment and we have finalized your order.  Once the item is shipped, any additional charges if any will be billed seperately.  This is not common but can occur.

Liftgate Fees: There is typically a seperate lift gate fee charged by the trucking company if the truck driver has to use the liftgate of the truck to unload your large item and place it on the ground at the rear of the truck. The fee can range from $25 to $100 depending on the size of the item and the trucking company policy and fee structure. Therefore, if you have purchased a large item that will be delivered via Motor Freight, when we call you with the motor freight quote, you will be given the option to declare you will require a liftgate service or not and the fee for the service can be billed at that time.  Post sale liftgate fees will be charged back to you if they occur which means that if you decide you will not need the service, but you do use the service at the point of delivery, the fee will be your responsibility.

LIFTGATE NOTE: Some cupolas can look very large when in thir shipping container, but when the box is opened, you may notice it is assembled in three parts, each of which might be a size that can be managed off the back of the truck w/o the liftgate. So in this case, you can open the shipping container, remove the items one at a time off the truck and then all packing and shipping materials w/o the aide of the driver or the liftgate service.

Special Orders, Custom Weathervanes, Custom Copper Roof Accessories

All custom orders are not returnable and non-refundable under any circumstances.