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Roof Finials

letter-w.pngcopper-roof-finial-animation-2.gife have a nice selection of handcrafted copper roof finials and copper turret tops for your home or business building and we have finials for almost any application and roof style. A copper finial or turret top is a nice touch to compliment or accent a home or other building. These beautiful copper and steel finials start at 14" high and go up to a sky scraping 6' high.

Roof finials have become popular in North America as people utilize them to complement their homes, barns, shops, offices, garages, yards, gardens and even feature them as interior ornaments when connected to a base stand. Our roof finials and turret tops are all hand crafted in steel or pure copper using old world styles and craftsmanship.

The word “finial” is derived from the word  final, and in fact, finials often do provide the final or finishing touch on many structures. They are the pinnacle of many buildings, the cherry on top of the sundae.

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Choosing the finial that is best for you is not difficult however it does require just a little bit of thought and an understanding of distance perspective and it's effect on how big or small an object looks from a distance and at an angle.  Too small a finial may not be clearly visible, too large a finial may look out of proportion to the rest of the structure.  You are going to go for the "just right" size.

In the 10 second three cell animation below, we have pictured the same house with three different size finials.  You can see that the roofline is approximately 40 feet from the ground, and the picture was taken at an approximate distance of 100 feet.  Pictured are the 28", 40" and the 53" finials.  You can see by watching the entire animation (10 seconds) how the home will look with each finial.  The smallest finial (28") is probably too smal, the 40" and 53" would be better choices with the 40" being probably the best size and having a subtle decorative appearance.  The 53" also works due to the overall size of the model home and the 53" finial is very prominant.  Watch the animation!



Once you decide where you want it to be displayed, choosing your finial is as easy as 1-2-3!


Our copper finials are hand-formed from pure, solid copper sheet, they are not copper plated. They are the classic option for the discerning person. They will age gracefully and obtain a green patina over time. Steel finials offer an economical alternative to copper finials. Steel finials also offer additional color and finish options. Each Finial has it’s own innate beauty. With so many options available, the one you choose will be specific to you, reflecting your personal style and taste. To learn more about us, or inquire about our products, you can contact us by phone: 1-574-344-9393.


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