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contractor-with-boards.pngContractor's Source for Copper Chimney Caps, Copper Chimney Pots, Copper Roof Vents, Copper Cupolas, and Copper Finials.

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"copper-roof-accents-2.pngAt the weathervane and cupola shop you will find special contractor and building industry professional exclusive pricing on weathervanes, cupolas, roof vents, chimney caps, and roof finials. We offer our commercial accounts special deals and delivery terms to better suit your unique commercial account needs, and more.  -Nick Falletta" 

To obtain contractor and building professional pricing there are no applications required, no fees, membership or monthly dues. Just great deals to best suit your commercial needs and help you turn an enhanced profit easily and quickly. Call Nick directly at the Commercial Accounts Hot Line for free professional service and support, special pricing, order status or to ask any question about our products or services.

CUSTOM DESIGN SERVICES TOO!  Free custom design services with your purchase to help your project stand out. Custom crafted copper cupolas, roof vents, chimney caps, finials or even custom steel weathervanes. All made right here in the USA!  


roof-accent-cupola.pngCUSTOM COPPER CUPOLAS: We offer copper roof cupolas by Cupola Depot and Royal Crowne/Ridge Craft. These cupolas are constructed of solid copper that will add value and character to any roofline.  The bright finish can be protected with a protective coating or if left untreated, will over time develop a wonderful aged copper patina.
roof-accent-cupola-vent.pngCOPPER ROOF VENTS: Copper Roof Vents from Cupola Depot are constructed with beauty and functionality to compliment any home. These Copper Accents will help to maximize ventilation in your home while providing a certain touch of Old World decor. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Every one of our products is hand crafted and made especially for the purpose of adding a distinct charm to your home.
roof-accent-cupola-finial.pngCOPPER ROOF FINIALS: A Good DirectionsDalventoUpper Deck, or Cupola Depot architectural roof finial will add a graceful finishing touch to any rooftop, turret or cupola, and keep things looking up as they bring the eye skyward and make a dramatic statement. These high quality, solid copper finials can also be used in the yard or garden as a topiary or decorative sculpture. Expert craftsmanship using the finest materials and design expertise ensure durability and years of enjoyment.
roof-accent-cupola-weathervane.pngCUSTOM AND STANDARD COPPER WEATHERVANES: Top your roof line or cupola with one of our classic all copper weathervanes. We offer hundreds of styles and sizes of copper weathervanes from Good Directions and Upper Deck. Weathervanes are more than just a decoration, they of course are functional and will accurately indicate the directioN of the wind. Weathervanes are available in a variety of sizes to be placed in the garden, on a small shed or barn, and on homes and commercial buildings in all sizes.