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Please note that Royal Crowne cupolas are AZEK cupolas which makes them the most maintenance free cupola ever!!

royal-crown-cupola-lanterns-3.pngADD A BEAUTIFUL CUPOLA LANTERN OPTION!
We have a wonderful selection of fine quality cupola lanterns in copper and steel and a variety of attractive finishes to perfectly match and accent the style of your windowed cupola.

When you select the cupola lantern option, your cupola will be delivered with everything needed to mount the selected standard 3" post lantern safely and securely inside the cupola enclosure.  All that will remain is for you to complete the electrical tie-in and add the bulb(S) of your choice!


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roof-pitch-thumb-2.pngSundance Cupola Roof Pitch: The Sundance series of cupolas will support a roof pitch of 6/12 in its standard form right out of the box.  If you have a steeper roof pitch then you need to also order a base extension.  Adding a single base extension will make the Sundance cupola compatible with up to a 12/12 pitch roof.  For roof pitches greater than 12/12, please contact us directly for a complimentary roof pitch and base extension consultation.