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Copper Roof Vent - 18" Round

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Product Description

opper-smith-2.pngBeautiful solid copper roof vent - Hand crafted with pride by our true coppersmiths right here in the USA using old world craftsmanship and techniques.

The ornament size is a full 18 in. round and is approximately 4" deep.  Suitable and very commonly used to accent a gable or other vertical roof facing.

About the 'Coppersmith'

Our coppersmiths specialize in hand fabricating specific forms in pure copper such as roof vents, chimney caps and roof finials. A coppersmith, also known as a brazier, is a person who makes artifacts from copper and brassThe term redsmith is used for a tinsmith that uses tinsmithing tools and techniques to make copper items. Our coppersmiths are true artists when it comes to the skill required to shape and produce fine copper artifacts such as a roof vent or larger items such as chimney caps and European style chimney pots.

History of the Coppersmith

Anthropologists believe copper to be the first metal used by humans due to its softness and ease to manipulate. In antiquity, copper's durability and resistance to rust or corrosion proved valuable. Copper's relationship with man is thought to date back over six thousand years. Copper was particularly worked in England, with ores smelted in Wales as early as the 1500s. Copper was found in great quantities in North America, especially Montana, as well as archaic copper mines near Lake Superior, which was recording by a Jesuit missionary in 1659.

Coppersmithing as a trade benefited strongly from the invention of sheet metal rollers. Copper sheet was then available in a much more versatile and easy form for creating copper wares. By the 1700s, coppersmiths lived in the American colonies, but did not have access to much sheet copper due to the Crown's regulation of copper and other goods to the Americas. Sheet metal production was prohibited in the colonies as well before the American Revolution.

Coppersmith Trade

Most coppersmiths can create, from a pattern, copper wares from a sheet of copper. Our coppersmiths use this approach to create our standard line of roof vents.  However, completely custom creations are always available, even if t s to be a standard roof vent in a very special size. Our coppersmiths specialize in specific forms or items such as roof vents and chimney caps.

In the 1700 and 1800's, coppersmiths typically had a few apprentices in various stages of learning the trade working together.  Apprentices would start learning the trade usually around 8 or 9 years old. Typical duties of a youth in the copper shop would include tasks such as breaking coke or sal ammoniac blocks, scouring copper pieces to prepare them for tinning, and polishing hammers and tools.

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