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Royal Crowne Cupolas

Royal Crowne Cupolas in Copper, Azek Vinyl, and Western Cedar Cupolas For Your Home, Shed or Garden Gazebo!



2020-rc-new-arrivals.pngThe Weathervane Shoppe offers the complete line of Royal Crowne cupolas. Royal Crowne Cupolas manufactures high quality cupolas and our Royal Crown cupola selection features maintenance free cellular pvc-vinyl cupolas, western red cedar cupolas, copper cupolas, premium grade white pine cupolas and metal cupolas.

We have standard cupola and custom cupola sizes for almost any application including small sheds, large barns, garages or other garden, yard or small office building.


Royal Vision, the exclusive Interactive Online Cupola Sizing Tool: Choosing the best size cupola for your project is of course very important. There are a number of guidelines and rules of thumb that will guide you in size selection.  Many of our clients prefer to actually see the cupola on a structure before making the final decision on size.  So if you like to see it first, you can try the exclusive Royal Crowne "Royal Vision" interactive online cupola sizing tool. Just click the graphic on the right to open the interactive window.  You may need to give the tool only a few seconds to finish loading.

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estate.png ESTATE:The “Estate Series” cupolas are elegantly designed and will make a great addition to your home, garage, barn, gazebo, or any other building. These Royal Crowne cupolas are constructed of real copper, AZEK® Trim (a maintenance free cellular pvc-vinyl), or a select grade of western red cedar and capped with 16 ounce, 24 gauge copper.
sundance-category-image.jpg SUNDANCE: Maintenance-free construction using Azek vinyl and pre-finished metal roof and base. Many colors available to match your building. All Royal Crowne Sundance Series Cupolas are available with louvered or windowed sections, and are available in the following sizes: 24", 36", 48".
estate-gazebo.png ESTATE GAZEBO (500): The ‘Gazebo Series’ cupolas by RC are a shortened version of the popular ‘Estate Series’ and are designed to proportion well with any gazebo structure. These Royal Crowne cupolas are available in AZEK or Western red cedar and capped with real 24 guage copper sheet.
gazebo.png STANDARD GAZEBO (900): The Gazebo 900 Series cupolas are crafted using cellular pvc-vinyl or a treated yellow pine and capped with a copper or cedar roof. These make great toppers for your outback gazebo.
select.png SELECT: If you need a special way to enhance your garage, outbuilding etc. the “Select Series” Cupola will provide you with beauty and charm and will also offer important ventilation for your structures. These Royal Crowne cupolas are constructed of AZEK® Trim (a maintenance-free cellular pvc-vinyl) or Western red cedar. 
shed.png SHED: The attractive and affordable Shed Series Cupolas are designed specifically for your back yard shed, garage, or outbuilding. They come with a flared base and are constructed of AZEK® Trim (a maintenance free cellular pvc-vinyl), or Western red cedar. Shed Series Cupolas are available in the following sizes: 16", 21", 25", 30".
signature.png SIGNATURE: These exclusive 'Signature Series' cupolas are highly detailed in construction and craftsmanship, and are distinguished from the other lines of Royal Crowne cupolas on the market today. Inspired by the beauty of English Castles. The Signature Series will add elegance and distinctive beauty to your home or institution.
designer-series-cupolas.png DESIGNER: The Designer Series cupolas are very unique in design and sure to add class and charm to your roofline.  These Royal Crowne cupolas are manufactured soley of a PVC vinyl trimboard that is then capped with a beautiful genuine copper roof.


120mph-1.pngRoyal Crowne Signature, Select, Estate cupolas are certified to withstand a wind force of up to 120MPH. Signature, Select, Estate, Keystone and Gazebo Series cupolas will accommodate up to a 10/12(rise/length) pitch roof. For a larger pitch roof add a base extension(s). Each base extension adds 2" rise of roof pitch. So adding a single base extension, will accommodate a roof pitch of (10"+2")/12. White is standard for vinyl cupolas.